About Toonstory.in

Toonstory.in is the platform or home of toons that are ever trying to spell the fun beans. The name transcends the philosophy of let the fun and humour spread through the universe. The site serves by delivery the toons and writes around funny anecdotes, situations and experiences as observed.

It is not just yet another website but it is home to the toons who are trying to tell stories which should wrap the audience in fun and subtle laughter.

About Amber

Amber’s academic exposure stretches between measuring light years, gravity and sizing up bits and bytes. The college used to call them physics graduation and computer science post-graduation. He designs and architects software in a technology firm, for a living.
He hails from Surat but now breaks the bread in Pune and believes in a simple philosophy of letting the toons speak and letting them spill the fun beans!

He feels that cartooning has no boundary and is a limitless way to express your imagination.

His cartoons savour the funny and sarcastic nature of daily routine, social, political & technological happenings.

Starting small, Amber patiently worked hard and cultivated the cartooning skills to become an impressive cartoonist today.

Amber believes in the fact that cartoons take advantage of an eye’s eagerness to find logic in shapes and gags and while doing so, it for sure tickles the funny bone.

A strong believer that a cartoon is a collaboration between an artist and the reader and a tiny vacation from sad, boring reality.

He has been working on www.toonstory.in site since last 3 years, which is helping him to take his work/cartoons to a larger audience.

His single-panel cartoons appear in Gujarat Daily, books, various newsletters, technology sites and on this very site.

Apart from cartooning, Amber enjoys playing Cricket and Santoor. In today’s hectic life, playing Santoor and Cartooning acts as a stress buster for him.

When he is around people, and if there is a serious conversation in the making, you can be sure that some of the people present in the room are already tooned, with some funny quotes assigned to them! Beware when he is around!

He is motivated for continuous “toon-ing” by his wife (Mayuri) and his son (Agastya).

Happy Toonings!!!