The overly connected world

Are we over connected through information and technology? We always wanted a smaller, flat and unified world where each country could be part of a large community. And yes, it has a lot of advantages. But in doing so, have we exposed our personal information beyond what we bargained?

While Cambridge gate (more here) is a reason for us to know the evils of overexposure, it is not new, isn’t?

We store millions of data in the form of our personalised information using software products (mobile app or websites). But what if this information gets shared with a government agency or an institute or even with an individual, it can lead to a significant breach in our private space.

While every software product promises that they will not cross-sell or share this information, but what if the data is shared intentionally or unintentionally?

We end up storing most sensitive and analytically precious information, which when accessed by others without our permission is a significant threat.

data extraction

In different software (apps or sites), we may be storing our pictures, videos, demographic information, health information, financial information, our purchasing transactions, visitor/vendor information to our house and more.

And if software product companies want to use this information or share this information with other agency they should have the guts to ask for it and take our concent. And if they don’t, they are not entitled to do so. Despite Facebook’s performance of victimisation, it has endured a good deal of blowback and blame. And we are the actual victims.

We are in a way late in the game. By now, a lot of information is already up in the cloud. Hence, now #deleteFacebook may not help. But what can help is, be vigilant and sensitive to the information we upload through these apps/websites.

Till then enjoy the cartoon alongside the blog and share your opinion.