Airline fracture?

Airline Fracture

The recent incident of manhandling and beating up a passenger is an alarming state of affairs and a question on humanity.

We may recollect, this is not the first incident where an airline staff is beating the passenger. (sic – it has already happened in the US). Hence, the bigger question is, as human have we lost all compassion?

While the above sentiments can for sure sadden your day but what if we paint this situation with¬†humourous touch? ¬†Indian Grapple Offer from India’s best grappling airline!

In that case, is the Indian Grapple Offering an India’s best grappling airline!

This could be a potential advertisement then:

Never before….Personalised on tarmac interactive experience.
1. GOT..Grapple on Tarmac
2. Fists and Cuffs..Get kinky on tarmac with fist on face and cuff on wrists
3. Personalized service by 3 ground staff per passenger
4. Bite the dust in 2 easy steps
5. Share with your friends and family! We understand your craze for social media. We offer live video coverage of the entire GOT experience. All our videos are WhatsApp, Facebook and TV compatible.
6. Personalized call from our CEO post GOT and a multi-page write up on the GOT event with frame by frame narration.
7. In-flight insurance extended now to the tarmac (conditions apply: limited to only fixing fractures and bruises. Does not cover pre-existing conditions)
8. Hurry..Limited offer! Pay INR 999 and get a fist on the face!

If the state of affairs continues the same way, then isn’t it worth advertising the above way?