Privacy & Piracy issues??

Privacy Protection!

Privacy of music and credit cards is as easy as one can think of. While for sure privacy of music is much simpler to achieve and even a non-techie can do it. But that does not mean, the privacy of credit card cannot be compromised.

Identity theft is the easiest way in which sensitive information around credit card is compromised. More than often one’s CVV number along with the 16 digit credit card numbers start appearing on the internet.

People who are running the support centres where credit card and other personal data is stolen and traded have the ability to kick people out of the room and set passwords, in addition to shipping scripts onto the webpage which enables online criminals to check the authenticity of stolen credit card data in real time.

With so many data breach at banks, credit card details are compromised and sold at rates as cheap as $5 for 500 GB worth data.

Privacy of music is in existence for over more than a decade and is now as simple as doing a Google.

This toon by Amber is a sarcastic take on this serious but most common problem of current times.