5 people in his life book ready for launch…..

We are 8 days away from the launch date of toonstory’s first eBook* –

5 people in his life


The book illustrates funny experiences that a normal man encounters in his life with 5 types of people.

These encounters as illustrated in form of cartoons in the book, act as a mirror but ofcourse a mirror with humour!!

But then who are these 5 types of people? It could be me or you or anyone, right? Yes and No.

As a typical day starts in a man’s life he has to deal with varied people and during such interactions, humour is bound to be flow thick and fast.

The book tries to capture such movements and is illustrated in form of cartoons.

These are single panel cartoon gags that take a poke at the situation which carries.

But then the question still remains, who are these 5 people?

Well, not intending to build a prolong suspense, the same will be revealed in coming days.

Keep following the updates and get a chance to know the book beforehand!!!!

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